architectural services

Look closely at the buildings you admire, notice that it is not just a generally attractive design that turns the head.  With careful inspection you will see that every detail, down to the smallest and across all levels of experience from the visual to comfort to how one material meets another, is executed thoughtfully and superbly, not by accident.  May Yin Architecture calls this Total Integration.  It is the result of full architecture services, compared to what has become the norm, a broad brush service that is economical at the start but expensive in the long term when compromises in quality necessitate costly and inconvenient remediation.  Outlined below are the phases of May Yin Architecture's full service, the sole means to achieve Total Integration.


Work with the Owner to define needs and establish a budget.

construction documents

These documents comprise drawings and specifications that are necessary for a contractor to price and build from.  Also called the Contract Documents, they constitute the Owner-Contractor contract, stipulating what is to be built and how.  The more complete and detailed, the better and more accurate the price, and the smoother the construction process.  Better documents ensure fewer construction conflicts and changes, resulting in greater cost predictability.  A finely designed building cannot be realized unless the details are worked out prior to construction.


Plan the building and site to accommodate the Owner's program. This includes site and floor plan layout, general building appearance including materials, colors and all other functional and visual attributes.  The design phase on larger buildings comprises two sub phases Schematic Design and Design Development.  Design Development entails the initial development of building systems.

cost analysis

Preliminary estimation of project costs at various stages of the overall process to ensure that the project stays within the budget.


bidding & negotiation

Assist the Owner in selecting Contractors to bid or price the project.  When bids are submitted, we aid the Owner with evaluating proposals and comparing line item costs. We assist the Owner to select a contractor and negotiate the contract conditions and price.

contract administration

Provide periodic observation of construction progress to ensure that it complies with the contract, drawings, specifications and schedule.  We facilitate the construction process by clarifying issues for the Contractor and/or Owner and resolving field issues with the Contractor. We review Contractor payment applications and advise the Owner regarding whether the applications reflect work properly completed.