• established 1987

  • Professional licensure: Colorado, Washington, D.C., Maryland

what we do

May Yin Architecture practices what we call Total Integration, focusing on the details.  Every component and subcomponent of our buildings is engineered and detailed with its fabrication and installation precisely specified.  Energy modeling is performed for the entire building and each separate space, thus heating and cooling ar consistent, efficient and comfortable.  Plumbing, ventilation and structure are coordinated, elements that should be invisible are invisible.  Total Integration ensures optimal performance, durability and economy that May Yin Architecture packages handsomely.


At May Yin Architecture, sustainability guides our approach in all aspects of our work.  After seeing the results of unsustainable building practices and participating in recovery after natural disasters across the globe we cannot ignore it.  Our approach is holistic, examining consequences and effects of decisions.  We consider embodied energy as well as analyze operational energy in order to achieve the greatest efficacy and highest level of sustainability for the budget.


Our services include

  • building & site design

  • commerical/ office design

  • residential/ multi family & single family home design

  • master planning

  • town planning

  • Interior design

  • landscape design

  • historic preservation

  • building forensic analysis

  • building technology consulting

  • building envelope consulting

  • building moisture analysis

  • international aid, development, disaster relief

who we are

Deborah Yin, Principal has 30 years of experience with a wide range of project types including multifamily/ high rise/ townhouse/ single family residential, commercial and government facilities, hotels, schools, restaurants, health care facilities, banks, interior design (retail, space planning), mixed use, renovation and rehabilitation, shopping malls, historic preservation/ restoration/ adaptive reuse, and town/ area planning.


As a midcareer Peace Corps volunteer and City Architect for the capitol of Malawi’s Housing & Planning Department Deborah administered World Bank funded projects for subdivision housing and squatter legalization.  In her second Peace Corp volunteer role as Architect for a USAID health care project, STAPH Project, she assessed over 200 rural clinics and proposed building modification to improve family health services.


Deborah Yin served on the Boulder, Colorado Landmarks Board.


Leonard May, Principal has 30 years of experience with a wide range of project types, applying his skills domestically and internationally.  Architecture projects include preservation/restoration/adaptive reuse, multi & single family residential, commercial, hotels, auditoriums, educational facilities, restaurants, athletic facilities, HUD housing, health care facilities, high rise, interior design (retail, showroom, office space planning), military barracks & facilities, mixed use, prefabricated structures, renovation & rehabilitation, supermarkets, shopping centers and shopping malls.


Leonard’s international work began as a midcareer Peace Corp volunteer managing a 900 unit Habit for Humanity housing and infrastructure construction project in Malawi.  He returned to post war Bosnia several times to facilitate democratization in post war Bosnia.  In Sri Lanka Leonard developed damage assessments and reconstruction programs to rebuild hospitals destroyed by the 2004 tsunami.  There he also developed medical waste management, sewage treatment and disaster preparedness programs.  In Haiti Leonard worked to rebuild housing for people displaced by the 2010 earthquake.


Leonard May served on the Housing Board, Planning Board, and Landmarks Board of Boulder, CO.